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Acrylic Art Coasters - Heat Proof Colour Set 1

Acrylic Art Coasters - Heat Proof Colour Set 1

Introducing a charming set of four Handmade Square Coasters!


These coasters are true works of art, each one crafted with care using the Dutch pour method and acrylic paint, resulting in one-of-a-kind fluid art creations. To protect these masterpieces and your furniture, each coaster is coated in a heat-proof crystal clear lacquer and finished with a cork backing.


What's included?


You'll receive a beautiful set of four coasters, each adorned with a unique hand-painted acrylic pour artwork. The set features a delightful mix of teal shimmer, pink shimmer, pearl gold, and blue and silver shimmer. Each coaster measures 10cm by 10cm and is thoughtfully coated for both protection and heat resistance.


Who will love it?


These handmade coasters boast an unparalleled uniqueness, making them an ideal gift for those who seem to "have everything" or anyone who appreciates something novel and truly standout. Perfect for Christmas, housewarming celebrations, weddings, or any occasion that calls for a thoughtful gift. Of course, you can also enjoy them for yourself, as these pretty coasters make a statement in any setting.


Please note that due to their fully hand-painted nature, it's best to handle these coasters with care. Simply wipe them clean with a damp cloth and avoid submerging them in water or using abrasive cleaning methods.

  •  Personalised Artwork

    Unleash your creativity with our customisable artwork, where any combination of colours is possible at no extra cost!


    Simply email us with your colour preferences!

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