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Black Ranger D20

Black Ranger D20

Step into a world of fantasy with this extraordinary, handcrafted wire pendant. Featuring a drilled D20 (20-sided dice), a faux pearl black bead, and a captivating blend of black plated and silver plated tarnish-resistant wire. Ensuring your cherished jewellery retains its alluring beauty for longer.


This pendant is the perfect gift for any occasion, a magical surprise sure to delight those who appreciate the wonders of fantasy.

- Includes a silver plated necklace 46cm (18 Inches)
- the wire work is made with silver plated tarnish resistant wire

- Black plated wire

- Faux pearl black bead

- White D20 Dice
- the pendant measures 7cm x 3.5cm (this may vary slightly)
                          2.75 Inches x 1.5 Inches


  • Packaging

     All items are packaged in a stylish gift box, accompanied by a polishing cloth, ensuring your treasure remains as magical as ever.


    All our jewellery pieces and findings are Nickle Free.

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