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Pink Explosion

Pink Explosion

Step into the enchanting universe of "Pink Explosion," a stunning piece of artwork inspired by cosmic collisions in the vastness of space.

Its a captivating blend of blacks, pinks, silver, and a subtle hint of green, as this extraordinary wall art decor transports you to the wonders of space.


Carefully crafted with acrylic paints over a stretched canvas, using the enchanting 'Fluid Pour' and 'Dirty Pour' methods. A stunning and exclusive finish that these techniques can create! As the paint gracefully cascades over the canvas edges, the overall effect is further elevated, leaving you captivated by the magic of space.

Each piece is handmade in the UK.

Canvas size 10 by 12 inches

  •  Personalised Artwork

    Unleash your creativity with our customisable artwork, where any combination of colours is possible at no extra cost!


    Simply email us with your colour preferences!

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