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Faux Fur Resin Key Pendant Pom Pom Keyring

Faux Fur Resin Key Pendant Pom Pom Keyring

Enhance your bag with this enchanting accessory or delight someone with a wonderful handmade gift, perfect for any time of the year!


Our captivating Pom Pom keyrings are lovingly crafted, featuring a faux fur pom pom, a charming brass charm or bead, and a unique resin pendant. Each pendant is meticulously handmade using UV epoxy resin, highlighting and emphasizing the intricate design within, creating a truly magical piece that will surely appeal to those who appreciate unique jewellery.


Approximate Dimension:

Oval Pendant size: 5cm by 3cm

Rectangle Pendant size: 5cm by 2cm

Total Length: 17cm

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