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Teal in Orbit

Teal in Orbit

Embark on a celestial journey with "Teal in Orbit," a captivating masterpiece inspired by the breathtaking beauty of space.


This mesmerising painting showcases a beautiful blend of black, pink, white, and teal shimmer, creating a stunning and enchanting wall art decor.


Each piece is a unique work of art, thoughtfully handcrafted with acrylic paints over a stretched canvas, using the magical 'Fluid Pour' technique.The paint gracefully flows over the canvas edges, enhancing the overall effect.

Each piece is handmade in the UK.

Canvas size 9 by 12 inches

  •  Personalised Artwork

    Unleash your creativity with our customisable artwork, where any combination of colours is possible at no extra cost!


    Simply email us with your colour preferences!

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